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We build innovative and highly scalable products for ambitious leaders
Build it better. Test it faster. Ship it sooner.
We specialize in creating software for high-performing digital products
Our process is simple. Our focus is clear. Here’s how we do it
Ditch the norm. Develop your app with WiseUp. Here’s why
Customised software development that works for your product
Know exactly what you get
Tell us what you need

Web & Mobile Software Development

We build innovative and highly scalable products for ambitious leaders

It takes years of hands-on dev work to learn to build software with scalability and growth at the top of your mind.
Using best practices solves some of the issues, but each business and each app is different. When it comes to choosing the right best practices and adapting or innovating, nothing beats hard-earned experience..
Luckily, we have plenty of that in the bag. Having experienced the growing pains of high-performing companies firsthand, we know how to plan for these specific challenges.
You can count on us to help you engineer market-leading products that fuel real business growth.

Build it better. Test it faster. Ship it sooner.

We save time and $$$ by streamlining the product development process

We deliver a product that performs impeccably according to industry standards
We provide you with the potential to scale without compromising quality

We ensure complexity doesn’t become problematic for subsequent dev stages
We strongly believe that quality and complexity are great drivers for product innovation in companies like yours.
Based on deep knowledge about balancing them, here is what we focus on during each development stage:
Build your product with us

We specialize in creating software for high-performing digital products

Ditch the norm. Develop your product with WiseUp. Here’s why

  • Seasoned guidancethat turns your business knowledge into a successful, high-performance app
  • A tested process that relies on a powerful feedback loop that saves time and resources
  • Practical expertise which fills in the blanks by anticipating and removing roadblocks
  • Comprehensive experience across industries that fuels your product development
Here are a couple of other things that make us different.
“Hands-free” software development life cycle
Work with us
Smooth, no-ego communication
A toolstack that favors productive collaboration
Work with pros

Customised software development that works for your product

Being passionate about building habit-forming digital products entails respecting your craft.
Usually, devs or software houses recommend the tools and development languages they know best. They make decisions based on what is easier for them.
We make decisions based on what is best for your business.
Master craftsmen are not slaves to the tools they’re used to. They bend, twist and build tools to achieve the best result in their work.
That is why we specialize in assimilating new technologies and making them work for your use case. Everyone in our team knows several technologies and is required to constantly learn new ones.
Build your product

Know exactly what you get

Unpredictable pricing is a common concern, especially in larger software development projects. To solve that, we created a flexible approach that allows you to budget your investment in stages.
Once the project scope is set and the dedicated team is assembled, we quote the priced based on sprints. This transparent outlook is easy to manage.
What’s more, the intermediary deliverables we provide after each sprint empower you to report progress constantly.

Tell us what you need

You can expect us to:
  • Contact you in 24 hours
  • Collect detailed info about your requirements
  • Keep your confidential information safe with an NDA
  • Prepare a thorough estimate comprising costs and timeline


Who will handle my project?
Your project includes a project lead who ensures everything related to project management goes smoothly. Your account lead is always involved hands on in the project.
How often will I get updates?
When you work with us, you are looped into the process so you can actively track progress and contribute where and when needed.

You participate in team meetings dedicated to setting goals for the following sprint. This way, you know what’s going on every step of the way.

We have at least one planning meeting and one retrospective meeting at the end of each sprint, which usually extends over 2 weeks.
I’m not sure what I need to build. Can I still work with you?
Yes! This is more common than you think

We have extensive experience with high uncertainty projects.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships. To kick it off, we often create a very small project scope, with no development involved, so we can figure out together what should be built.

You can come back to work with us on a bigger project whenever the context is right.
What happens after we launch the app?
You can count on us to ensure everything is set to ensure a successful launch and help you deploy the app to live.

Additionally, we plan a sprint to address bug fixes and solve any unforeseen issues that may arise.

If you need help with customer acquisition, we can recommend our trusted partners who handle product marketing. Out network of highly skilled specialists ensures that you can continue to increase your revenue by amplifying your product or service.
Will there be a team dedicated to my own product?
Yes! We allocate dedicated resources and create dedicated teams for projects whose implementation extends over a period of more than 3 months.
How often can I make changes?
Our approach is incremental: we like to start small before we go big.

We are very flexible. We walk the talk by working on a sprint-by-sprint basis to accommodate changes at each stage.

If you have a technical lead or team, we can easily integrate into their daily workflow for a seamless experience.