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Designed for product innovators who mean business
Practical innovation that boosts your teams’ performance
What you can achieve with innovation training
They experienced the innovation process first-hand
Who benefits the most from innovation training
Types of innovation training
What happens after the training
How to keep the momentum going
Ready to turn your employees into serial innovators?

Product Innovation Training that actually works

Designed for product innovators who mean business

At WiseUp, one of our core principles is this unpopular opinion: we believe product innovation is human-driven and vision-driven, but not tech-driven.
The way we see it, technology only provides tools. Innovation is the value created by how teams and companies use these tools.
For a product innovation program to truly work, it must have a clear purpose. This helps you make the most of your tools to implement your business strategy, instead of allowing technology to dictate it.
A universal truth is that purpose is human-made. That’s not going to change anytime soon either, as AI experts can tell you.
That is why we focus on training people to identify their goals and their customers’ goals and articulate a vision to achieve it. Innovation is what happens throughout this entire process.
This is how we approach product innovation training. Keep reading to see how we do it.

Practical innovation that boosts your teams’ performance

Walking the talk is essential to making product innovation work for your organization.
No matter what type of training you choose, we always cover 5 key factors product architects use in their work:
Product innovation training is not just about mindset change. It’s also about behavior change. That gets things moving faster, more effectively, with better results.
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What you can achieve with product innovation training

Use your resources strategically
Make product practical, approachable, and appealing
Train your product builders
Stimulate productivity and cross-team collaboration
Improve shipping speed and stick to launch dates
Trigger powerful behavior changes
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They experienced our product training first-hand

"Looking back at the project we wrapped up, I can clearly see what each stage taught me.

We had workshops, debriefing sessions, and we carried out experiments. We created assumptions and validated (or invalidated) them following the lean startup model.

Throughout constant challenges, we received guidance and recommendations on how to organize our findings, how to use the power of “why?”, and what to do with the results.

Working with George was invaluable for learning these terms and getting to that “aha!” moment. His excellent know-how and coaching skills made a big difference. Thank you!”

Roberta, Business Strategy Manager
“One of the best parts was to be able to go through every stage of the project. As a result, I improved my communication and presentation skills, and got to apply what I learned while interviewing corporate customers.

From their teaching methods to their coaching skills, the WiseUp team is very professional.”

Lucia, Sr Product Manager
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Who benefits the most from product innovation training

Here’s a list of people who make the most of our product innovation training.
  • The executive team
  • Business developers
  • Product managers
  • Innovation managers
  • Intrapreneurs
  • Marketing Managers
  • Trainees
You can also consider training your teams in a layered system:
Who are product innovation champions?
Train your product builders

Types of product innovation training

You can bring in the WiseUp team for on-site workshops on key product-focused disciplines and concepts.
Here’s what your team can learn in just 3 days (the average training length we recommend):
1. Lean Startup and Experimentation
2. Customer Development
3. Business Model Creation
4. The Agile Methodology
5. Strategic Thinking
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What happens after the training

When we wrap up the training, your team will be ready to hit the ground running.
Each type of training leaves them with ready-to-use assets created by how teams and companies use these tools.
For a product innovation program to truly work, it must have a clear purpose. that improve their results straight away. Here are a few examples:

How to keep the momentum going

We know how important it is to maintain the pace once you’ve started accelerating towards productization.
That’s why we supply your teams with:
  • Follow-up courses and workshops
  • Free product innovation resources
  • Peer-to-peer or many-to-many learning sessions (facilitated internally)
  • Tech recommendations (platforms, tools, templates)
  • Rewards and recognition to encourage behavior change (i.e. making training a valuable career achievement)
  • Tracking progress (i.e. evaluate how well they retain and apply knowledge).
Let’s do it!

Ready to turn your employees into product serial innovators?

Once you start and get past the initial struggle, learning becomes addictive.
Due to the sense of achievement is creates, learning becomes a self-sustaining process. It delivers long lasting results across departments and business needs.
When you go through a WiseUp training, you can:
  • Make feedback a tool for continued learning
  • Improve relationships between employees, teams, and departments
  • Consolidate your business flows and product portfolio
  • Increased longevity and profitability for your products and services.
Let us help you get past the struggle.
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