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Overcome these product strategy issues with effective innovation consulting
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Develop a product innovation strategy without sacrificing productivity

Do you often think there is a lot of untapped potential for growth in your company?
Between putting out fires and making sure your team executes effectively, it’s challenging to find the time to innovate for growth.
That’s why business decision-makers like you choose to bring onboard innovation consultants like us. Consultants help you focus on growth and innovation without slowing down your operations.
Our mission is to help your company acquire and practice new product-building habits that make an impact on quarterly and annual KPIs.
Enable your team to move like a startup and leverage organizational resources to produce massive results.
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Overcome these product strategy issues with effective innovation consulting

Lengthy development cycles      Agile product development
Our solution to help you accelerate progress involves identifying and removing internal barriers in a very practical, down-to-earth manner.

Achieve short an predictable developing cycles even when handling a lot of uncertainty and constantly changing specifications. We tailor the Agile framework to work for your team in your specific context.
Internal fragmentation & delayed decision-making      Cross team collaboration
Disagreement about which product to bring to market frequently slows down innovation. It also causes tension between teams and leads to decreased productivity.

To overcome this, we empower cross-team collaboration and create alignment around common goals. We then test these goals and outcomes with the market, cheaply and fast.

Our framework supports team members to follow through on their projects and continue learning and improving as they go along.
Resistance to change      Adaptability through incremental improvements
A risk-averse internal culture is also a key issue for complex organizations like yours.

Our validated innovation process helps both management and executive teams internalize new habits and make adapting to change part of their routine. This happens while managing internal requirements for risk, compliance, and legal and corporate communication.
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Shortage of great product ideas      Customer-driven product strategy
If you’re under the impression that your team is underperforming in terms of ideation, you can rely on us to unearth the causes. We help guide the way with practical solutions that promote a culture of proactivity.

Part of our role is to help your colleagues, no matter their position, gain a deep understanding of the customers’ needs and mindset.

They can use this knowledge to act on their initiatives and generate data-driven growth ideas. We also help them master the practical steps to test their ideas them in the market.
Lackluster product development practices      A flexible and high-performing process
The mismatch between what companies want and what customers want has led to wasting billions on failed products.

One of the reasons is that organizations tend to run innovation programs the same way they manage your day to day business. This is how crucial growth opportunities slips through the cracks.

Our experience shows there’s a better way to create innovative products that people want to use and pay for. Here’s how we do it.

Here’s how we work with you to develop a product innovation strategy

When you work with our team at WiseUp, you get the best of our experience of launching both consumer and B2B products across markets and industries (banking, finance, technology, leisure & lifestyle, med-tech, productivity etc.).

Our consultancy process covers the entire spectrum of your product strategy, from planning to execution and post-launch improvements.

Working with our multidisciplinary team at WiseUp to develop an innovative product involves 8 stages:
1. Product audit
2. Product strategy workshops
3. Setting product objectives
4. Customer development
5. Product prototyping
6. Defining the product business model
7. Experimentation and improvements
8. Post-product launch support
1. Product audit
2. Product strategy workshops
3. Setting product objectives
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4. Customer development
5. Product prototyping
6. Defining the product business model
7. Experimentation and improvements
8. Post-product launch support
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Choose the right product strategy for your needs

Depending on your business life cycle, you might need a specific product strategy to improve your processes and results.
Our interdisciplinary team has extensive experience with:
  • New product development strategy that fosters innovation, flexibility, and adaptability to shifting market conditions
  • New product pricing strategy that brings clarity to business decisions and unlocks new revenue streams
  • Product testing/experimentation strategy aimed at reaching product/market fit while saving resources and budgets
  • Product life cycle extension strategythat enables your product to gain traction and lift sales
  • Product differentiation strategy geared towards refining your value proposition in a way that breaks through the noise in the market
  • Product innovation and technology strategy designed to facilitate digital transformation across your organization
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Success factors that make for an effective product strategy

These are some of the most important aspects we work with your team to integrate into their daily habits.

Cultivating these practices has benefits that reach far beyond specific projects. They often trigger mindset and behavior changes, inspire loyalty for your organization, and contribute to a sense of accomplishment at work.

An effective product strategy that fosters innovation in its true sense involves:
  • Long-term thinking
  • Openness to feedback
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Critical thinking
  • Genuine interest in customers’ needs
  • No-ego decision-making
  • Resilience and flexibility
  • The ability to ignore sunk costs
  • Awareness of cognitive biases
  • The willingness to take calculated risks
  • Effective prioritization
  • Alignment and collaboration
Let’s team up to build customer-driven products that sell.
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They worked with us to infuse innovation
into their product strategy

“In the innovation project I was involved I had a change in mindset: I moved focus from "how to sell a product?" to "do our customers need what we are selling?". And if they do, how should this product look like?

The hardest thing to accept is that there is no market need. Working with the guys at WiseUp helped us overcome this mental barrier.”

The second is awareness of the different roles of the members of a project and how to combine different areas of expertise to achieve results.

Iulia Maftei, Telesales Manager at ING

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