Fondul Științescu

An organization dedicated to teaching science to kids.


  • Web Application
  • UI / UX
  • Implementation
Project Description

Fondul Științescu is an NGO dedicated to teaching and increasing the interest towards science to kids. The platform was looking for a way to centralize the information and events scheduled for one of their national branches with the main platform.

They wanted us to:

  • Design and implement a unitary design and experience for all their branches.
  • A main platform which displays all the information gathered from the national branches.
  • Easy to use administration platform which allows the administrator to add dynamic pages when necessary.
What we provided:
  • UX/UI for the main platform
  • UX/UI for the secondary branches
  • Technical implementation for the data gathered and centralization of the information
  • A reliable, easy to learn administrator dashboard
  • Implementation for all the platforms
  • Mobile optimization