Introduction to corporate innovation

Effectively champion innovation in your company & build cutting-edge products that drive growth

Why innovation is essential for growth

of executives believe innovation is important for their growth strategy (McKinsey)
6.6 times
high-leverage innovators made a 6.6 X higher gross profit growth that other companies (PwC)
of companies say their employees are their most important partners in innovation (PwC)

Eager to accelerate growth through innovation in your company?

Here's how this free course on the fundamentals of corporate innovation works to help you create lasting growth:
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What you'll learn

Ease your way into the concepts and practices of innovation, at your own pace. Here's a quick overview of what you'll learn in the next 4 weeks:
Discover new concepts, tactics & tools to excel at your job
Go from finding innovative ideas to replicating success with a tested process

Develop a competitive advantage by learning practical innovation tactics
Acquire the ability to make innovation happen (complete with real-life examples)

Learn how to validate innovative business ideas like startups
See the inexpensive, fast way to confirm innovation potential works in practice
Build your ability to get organisational support for innovative projects
From writing a business case to developing products faster and at a lower cost

Increase your professional value by becoming an innovation champion
Spearhead and spread innovation to boost your impact and reap the rewards

Light the spark & start building a lasting culture of innovation
Perspective-shifting tactics that support innovation in the long run & more

Is this course for me?

We created this course for growth-driven specialists who want to understand the real challenges of building innovative products and the tactics that work in real-life - tried, tested, and fine-tuned directly by us.
This course doesn’t sugar-coat the practical realities of innovation and reveals the truth behind preconceptions and “best practices.” What we’re saying is innovation is not easy but we make it easy for you to start.
It doesn't matter if you have no background knowledge about innovation because we’ll talk you through all the essential concepts.
If you know the basics, expect to discover new perspectives and acquire a well structured manner of explaining and promoting innovation tactics to others.
The carefully curated resources we provide with each lesson help you dive deep into the topic to better understand and tackle your current challenges. So if you’re driven by the need to create, build, and optimize how things work in your company - you need this course!
Remember: for innovation champions, with great opportunities comes great responsibility and equally motivating results.

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Meet your instructors

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About WiseUp

Corporations. Startups. Business accelerators.
We’ve worked with all of them, across industries and verticals, and learned from every single experience.
We know that what it takes to build, launch, and scale successful products and services: it’s the unique human ability to trigger mindset and behavior change.
The reason for this? Innovation is human-driven.
Your objectives become our objectives. Your challenges inspire us to always go beyond obvious solutions.
Count on us to be your supportive and dedicated partners on your way to making innovation an essential component of your business performance.