Our process 1. Discovery

Understanding your context & the problem you're trying to solve

When you work with us to make innovation part of your company’s DNA, expect to answer a lot of questions.
The top 3 things we do are:
We’re diligent about gathering, organizing, and understanding the information we get from you in every stage, not just this one.
During Discovery, information is essential. Here is what we do with what you tell us.
Identify your needs & challenges
  • Determine your objectives
  • Pinpoint your business development stage
  • Figure out what you already know
  • Discover what you already tried and didn’t work
  • Establish if the product is working as intended
  • Find out why the product is underperforming
  • Understand your quality standard for product development
  • Observe your internal dynamic in terms of people and resources involved in building products
  • Track down the biggest costs involved in product development
  • Define the product development areas that register a shortage in resources and a lot more.
We take pride in being thorough in our research, inquisitive in our exploration of your company, and highly curious to observe the unseen obstacles that keep you from innovating.
But to know what doesn’t work is not enough, as you surely know yourself. That’s why we quickly move on to...
Understand their triggers
Throughout the Discovery stage, we focus on:
  • Understanding how your teams work and which elements of their work can be used to generate growth
  • Uncovering the true internal boundaries so we can turn them into triggers for creativity and innovation
  • Maximizing your impact by finding new ways to leverage existing resources.
You can achieve more with your budget and teams and we want to help you do it!
The insights we gather during the Discovery stage helps us adjust and reshape your team and workload to create more value with your available assets.
Start innovating
Map your resources
One we have a strong grasp of your context, needs, and challenges, we move to the next steps:
  • Mapping your resources in terms of tech, management, marketing & more
  • Planning your budget
  • Outlining current solutions and their shortcomings.
We also focus on surfacing areas of untapped potential. Companies often have capabilities that are insufficiently used and that can be employed for innovation. Examples include:
  • Brand value & reach
  • Customer trust & loyalty
  • Internal tools & expertise
  • Skilled manpower
  • Partner ecosystems
  • Customer networks
Clarify objectives and propose solutions that fit you best
Based on solid knowledge of your organization and what can be done to foster innovation, we dedicate our full attention to:
  • Clarifying objectives and formulating them in a measurable way
  • Helping articulate your vision for innovation in a way that fits your company’s profile and focus
  • Proposing solutions that your organization is uniquely adept at implementing.
At the end of the Discovery phase, we will have
  1. A common language so we can communicate clearly and base our agreements on shared understanding of the same concepts.
  2. Alignment in terms of expectations that helps us both track progress and enlist the people and resources we need to achieve our common goals.
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