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What we do

Product Strategy

Get a reliable product strategy and effective paths to boost the potential of your business.


Web & Mobile Software Development

You will get the technology that will save you time and money on a long- term period of time and help you achieve your goals faster.


Product Development

We help you turn your business and industry knowledge into a product. Design and development that meet your business objectives.


Operational Strategy

Use your resources at a maximum level of efficiency. Define the actions you should take in the process of developing your product and your business.


who we are

Our work recommends us. Here are some bits and pieces from our artwork and what we are about!


Product Manager & CEO

Hi! I’m George! A big part of what we do is product development where we map the needs of our customers, their clients and their users. It is an essential step, and it is much easier to understand our work once you see it. Let me show you an example of how we do this.


Technical Lead

Hi! I’m Radu! One of the most frequent questions that I get from our clients is: can this be done? We tell people that anything can be done, but building the right thing for the long term can be quite a challenge. Here’s a hands-on process that we use to make sure we are always on topic, on time, and on budget with what we develop.


Software Developer

Things can be done fast and well. In just under a two years in the company and at 22 years old I found out how to see 8 projects from specifications to go live. The essential part is to understand the product, chose the best technology and prioritize. Read more to see how to be meticulous in implementing tech projects and never miss a deadline.

the processes that we use

Phase 1. Calibration

Here we ask and listen. We understand what you want to achieve, we identify your needs & challenges, we map your resources and start thinking about the solution that fits you best. We look to understand your company’s technical resources, budget, barriers and other aspects that impact your success. At the end of this phase, we will have a common language: you will know how we think and work and we will understand you.

Phase 2. Proposal

During this phase, we do research on your problem, we define the overall project, and we map the resources needed to achieve the objectives. At the end of this phase you will know:

  • timeline
  • general description of the solution
  • the expected results
  • the costs

and what can be the return of your investment.

Phase 3. Design

See how the solution will look like before coding begins. Before investing more into the development, we show you how the solution will look like. During design validation we conduct activities such as:

  • customer development,
  • user experience design,
  • interface wireframes,
  • mockups,
  • prototyping and user testing.

At the end of this phase, you will have the visual design and general interaction for your product.

We also manage the relationship with the design team, be it our in-house team or an external supplier.

Phase 4. Coding

At the start of this phase we have: the specifications, the design and the development team ready to go. We start coding the product.We use Agile, we’re fast and adaptable. Our team of developers is always communicating with you through weekly reviews, sprints and deliverables.

At the end of this you have a tested product that is ready to be released.

Phase 5. Product release

After the product is built, it has to be made available to your customers or users. We help putting the product online:

  • deployment on public servers
  • deployment on app store or play store
  • configuration of security certificates
  • installation of tracking software
  • and other activities that are mandatory for a live product.

We placed quite a few products in the market until now, if you are not exactly sure what you should do, we can offer consultancy on that as well.


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Bogdan Tenea
Bogdan TeneaKeysight/Ixia
I have had the pleasure and of working with WiseUp on various business projects. They excel at analytical analysis of difficult problems. By deconstructing any situation and looking at all possible angles, managing to always find the optimal solution. More recently, in my capacity as Product Manager at Ixia/Keysight, I have consulted with them numerous times on both people management, product management approaches and general business strategy. Even in complicated corporate structures, they will ask all the right questions to identify all the stakeholders and their goal, and suggest a way for you to achieve YOUR goal.
Iulia Maftei, Telesales Manager
Iulia Maftei, Telesales ManagerING
In the innovation project I was involved I had a change in mindset: I moved focus from "how to sell a product?" to "do our customers need what we are selling?". And if they do, how should this product look like? The hardest thing to accept is that there is no market need. Working with the guys at WiseUp helped us overcome this mental barrier.
Adrian Virna, CEO
Adrian Virna, CEOAqua Consulting Group
Responsiveness, flexibility, high quality & well adapted solutions
Denis Chiurtu, Startups & Academic Lead
Denis Chiurtu, Startups & Academic LeadMicrosoft Romania
I had the pleasure of working with WiseUP to help prep the only Romanian student team that was admitted in the Microsoft Imagine Cup World Finals in 2016. I am thrilled by the fact that it was the firstever Romanian Team that won both 1st prize in its competition category (50k USD) and also the Microsoft Imagine Cup World Championship title that year. While it was a great team that has an awesome product, we owe much of our success to George and the WiseUP team that took the time to analyze the project, build the story and business case behind it and shape it as product; their hard work and dedication to the smallest of details paid off big time. I would gladly choose to work with them again on this type of projects and would recommend them for their professional albeit friendly style of doing stuff.
Alina Kasprovschi, Executive Director
Alina Kasprovschi, Executive DirectorFundatia Comunitara Bucuresti
We have been working with WiseUP since beginning of 2016 on a number of our tech projects – some developed from scratch, others taken over from other developers. I have been impressed by their capacity to understand in depth the need of our projects, beyond the deliverable. This understanding helped the team offer strategic development advice. The results have been impressive in terms of usability and response from our stakeholders. I would definitely recommend the company for future work.
Ioana Sava, Ecommerce Implementation Consultant
Ioana Sava, Ecommerce Implementation Consultant Noi9
Working with George and the Wiseup team was really a great choice for our small project - the team is very flexible, professional and delivered everything as established. Very well organized and always there to offer support if the case - this helped a lot for the final outcome. Would recommend them anytime for any type of project!
Flavia Oprea, CEO
Flavia Oprea, CEOENTy
I've had the pleasure to collaborate closely with WiseUp in July 2016 for product consultancy and building the sales presentation for it. They bring out the best in the teams that work with them and above all, I was impressed with their ability to find the best use-cases for our start-up; to model our business plan and to motivate me and my team to continue the journey in the entrepreneurship field. George, from WiseUp is an ingenious, ground-breaking coach, bringing meaningful value to all his involvements. He made sure that the product vision and the pitch presentation were strong enough to help us win various global competitions. As a product or business coach, he earns my highest recommendation.

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