If you’re looking for a dedicated team or to extend your capacity we can help out. All our colleagues benefit from senior in house training and coaching.
If you’re probably looking for a specific tech stack here are the technologies in which we are proficient.
Tech Stack
Platforms and Frameworks
Wonder about the pricing?
We work with a standard day rate depending on the technology, seniority, team size and duration. Any recruitment costs, taxes, medical leave, replacement costs, vacation days are supported by us.

We can also provide plug and play experts and roles on a project based like: design, user research, user experience, devops.
What does the process look like?
You’ll meet our CTO & Product Manager and tell us more about your project.
  • What’s your objective and deadline?
  • What’s the tech stack that you use/require?
  • How many people would you need?
  • What’s the profile of the people you are looking for?
    • Do you require a certain language ability?
    • Do you require a certain specialization or industry knowledge?
We discuss together a team setup and pricing.

We guarantee a two week sprint after which you evaluate the results. You get your money back if the results have been unsatisfactory.