We’ll turn your industry knowledge into a customer ready Minimum Viable Product. For up to $35,000 and just 3 to 4 months of development.
We’ll take you through an optimized, step-by-step journey that puts your product on the market swiftly and with low financial commitment.
Our Process
Discovery & Calibration
We work with you to understand the problem you are trying to solve. This is probably the most time demanding part of our process for you. During these meetings we will thoroughly understand:
  • Your product’s use cases and requirements.
  • Your customer’s needs and profile, who are we building this for?
  • Do we know what the customer looks like? Should we find out together?
  • We’ll research the best technical solutions for you together with our senior software architect (if required).
  • We’ll provide you with: time estimation and pricing based on the documentation that you provided and the solutions that we propose. We also agree on the scope of the project and the delivered functionalities.
You will interact with:
Product Manager & Software Architect
Quickly drawn schema of your product which will help us visualize the UX of the app and decide on the copy.

Our veteran Product Managers will put together a quick wireframe for your product. Here’s an example of how our work looks like and what a Wireframe is:

We’ll present you the Wireframes and based on your feedback, we’ll reiterate the proposal. Is anything optimal from the start? We don’t think so! Once the wireframes have been approved by you and your team, we can proceed to the next step.

You will interact with:
Product Manager
Design Validation
To receive a fully clickable visual prototype which you can use for user tests. We iterate over every prototype we build for you, several times before proposing you a solution. This way we make sure we get as close as possible to the desired outcome.
  • Based on the previously approved Wireframes, the UI Designer starts adding colour to the wireframe.
  • We’ll have a second iteration on the prototype, according to your feedback, just like we had for the Wireframes before.
  • Once done, we’ll hold a final demo with you, before we start the final part, the development.
You will interact with:
Product Manager & UI Designer
Product Development
This is when we start coding your MVP. During the development cycles you are constantly updated and if changes have to be made, you’ll be consulted at each step. During this time however, you won’t be bothered with anything more than a couple of emails or calls, in which we keep you updated on the development progress. Want to find out what we do during this time?
  • The Quality Assurance team starts writing test cases and makes sure all areas are covered.
  • The development begins and progress is measured and evaluated weekly. In case of any delays you’ll be informed well before the release date. Delays are entirely supported by us and no extra costs will be incurred.
  • A bug fixing and polishing round (at least 5 days) is done before release.
  • A final demo is held for you and your team.
You will interact with:
Product Manager, Project Manager, Engineers, QA
Product Release
Put your product live on the market and we help you scale it and support your users and customers.

This is the step where your product comes to life and everything is running as intended.

You will interact with:
Product Manager, Engineers, QA
This highly streamlined process and step-by-step approach, allows us to provide you accurate estimates regarding the costs and the timing for your project, while it ensures that the achieved result is optimal and perfectly crafted to your needs.
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