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Adina Dumitrescu
Adina DumitrescuING
"WiseUp helped us the most by asking the right question before each step in order to keep focus:* Assumptions - what is the problem of the customer* Customer Interviews - what are we trying to find out from the customer?* Lean experimentation - what info from the customers do we use, what are our objectivesWiseUp experience in structuring and measuring results from experiments was very useful."
Ovidiu Kislaposi
Ovidiu KislaposiING
"I had the opportunity to work with George in a blitz product validation experiment (his role: external consultant). He brought the team a great lean start-up approach that helped us generate velocity and build momentum in order to sustain and finish the project with great results.He has a fantastic mix between IT and business skills which makes him a valuable player for any team."
Bogdan Tenea
Bogdan TeneaKeysight/Ixia
I have had the pleasure and of working with WiseUp on various business projects. They excel at analytical analysis of difficult problems. By deconstructing any situation and looking at all possible angles, managing to always find the optimal solution. More recently, in my capacity as Product Manager at Ixia/Keysight, I have consulted with them numerous times on both people management, product management approaches and general business strategy. Even in complicated corporate structures, they will ask all the right questions to identify all the stakeholders and their goal, and suggest a way for you to achieve YOUR goal.
Iulia Maftei, Telesales Manager
Iulia Maftei, Telesales ManagerING
In the innovation project I was involved I had a change in mindset: I moved focus from "how to sell a product?" to "do our customers need what we are selling?". And if they do, how should this product look like? The hardest thing to accept is that there is no market need. Working with the guys at WiseUp helped us overcome this mental barrier.
Denis Chiurtu, Startups & Academic Lead
Denis Chiurtu, Startups & Academic LeadMicrosoft Romania
I had the pleasure of working with WiseUP to help prep the only Romanian student team that was admitted in the Microsoft Imagine Cup World Finals in 2016. I am thrilled by the fact that it was the firstever Romanian Team that won both 1st prize in its competition category (50k USD) and also the Microsoft Imagine Cup World Championship title that year. While it was a great team that has an awesome product, we owe much of our success to George and the WiseUP team that took the time to analyze the project, build the story and business case behind it and shape it as product; their hard work and dedication to the smallest of details paid off big time. I would gladly choose to work with them again on this type of projects and would recommend them for their professional albeit friendly style of doing stuff.

How we do it

Discover our tried and tested product development process that helps companies like yours increase performance and strengthen their position in the market.
1. Discovery
Understand the problem you’re trying to solve
2. Wireframing
Uncover the best strategy for your market
3. Design Validation
Test assumptions and learn from real customers
4. Product Development
Build a Minimum Viable Product and improve it
5. Product Release
Scale the product and run ROI growth experiments

Work with highly skilled product developers

Collectively, we’ve launched both B2C and B2B products on multiple markets and industries, such as banking, technology, and leisure & lifestyle.
We move fast, focus on what moves the needle, and are deeply committed to your needs and our standard for excellence.

Move from project-thinking to product-thinking

  • Growth mindset
  • Focus & clarity
  • Practical & helpful solutions
  • Short feedback loops
  • Ownership & follow-through
  • Objective results that scale
  • Customer-driven decision-making
  • Replicable workflows & standards

Build better products

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